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Accident repairs Blackburn, Accrington
Accident repairs Blackburn, Accrington

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Wheel Alignment


We use state of the art laser alignment equipment and measuring equipment to establish correct alignment geometry and make the precise adjustments necessary during the repair process.

As part of your car maintenance routine, it's advisable to undertake a 4x4 geometry check at least once a year to identify any potential problems. If you’ve not had your vehicle checked in the last year, call us on 01254 236543 and make sure your car is running safely.

Checking for correct alignment is not just essential for damaged & repaired cars; it's a fundamental safety issue which if incorrect can lead to numerous issues including excessive tyre wear, steering mis-operation and general poor road handling. These could all be symptoms of an incorrectly aligned vehicle that could simply have been involved in a small incident such as striking a kerb at speed.