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If you’ve had an accident

that wasn’t your fault

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Accident repairs Blackburn, Accrington
Accident repairs Blackburn, Accrington

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Collision Solutions


A non fault accident is an accident in which the other party involved is clearly at fault and the liability is accepted by the other party, and thus their insurers.

If you’ve been involved in a non-fault accident we can help you in many ways by

Even if you have comprehensive car insurance, the replacement vehicle from your insurer may only be available for a few days, and a small car at best. Even if your car only had minor damage, in clear non-fault circumstances we will be able to arrange a car hire of equivalent model to your own whilst yours is off the road.


An example of this may be that you are stationary at a red light and a vehicle approaching from behind fails to slow down or brakes too late and hits the rear of your car.

Gas Safety Stratford upon Avon

providing a courtesy car to get you back the road immediately

Gas Safety Stratford upon Avon

managing your insurance claim to reduce time and hassle for you

Gas Safety Stratford upon Avon

repairing your vehicle to the highest possible standards as quickly as possible

Gas Safety Stratford upon Avon

assisting you in any injury claims you may be entitled to


If you’ve had a non-fault car accident we will get you back on the road immediately by arranging a like-for-like hire vehicle until yours is repaired.

We have an exclusive arrangement with Collision Solutions who provide all the resources to manage your non-fault claim so that we can get you back on the road quickly and with the minimum of stress.  Click here to find out more.

We’ll deal with your insurance company and, as well as arranging a replacement car, we’ll liaise with your own insurer to arrange your repairs and help recover your excess, loss of earnings, property damage and out of pocket expenses.

Costs will be recovered directly from the other person’s insurance company so there’s nothing for you to pay.

Call us today to arrange your courtesy car on 01254 236543

If you or your passengers have been injured, we can arrange private medical treatment or physiotherapy and will claim the costs back from the responsible third party or his insurer.

There will be no up-front costs for you to pay.